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Lynnwood Lights -- December 1, 2009 6 pm - 9 pm

confusion picture at Lynnwood Lights
Lynnwood Lights is a free Winter event for families and children presented by Lynnwood City in the Convention Center. It involves lighting of the city's xmas tree; performances by dance groups, musical bands and orchestras; pictures with Santa; community organization booths; storytelling; and other related activities.

Northwest Ring of Fire members volunteer and provide intimate entertainment at this event since the magic club holds its meetings the second Thursday of each month in Lynnwood's Blue Ridge Fire Station.

Jesse and Ralph arriving at event Magick Happens was unexpectedly in town this year so Jesse, Joy, and Ralph arrived to share walk around effects, make and give away paper roses, and wish attendees, "Season's Greetings". Other club members did stand up table magic and walk around.

We had expected to casually walk up and down the lines of families impatiently waiting which meant doing 2 or 3 minute small effects for 5 or 10 people in line and then moving on to the next cluster of people.
Joy seated at event folding flowers
The lines were shorter than expected so we stayed in front of the entrance area for pictures with Santa and the musical groups' performances. We perfored in-hand magic although we had packed some standup stage experiments as always.
Joy was most comfortable on the floor closer to the children. Jesse alternated up or down but stayed close to her sister.

Ralph helped with roses and his usual strolling and asking people, "Do you want to see my second most favorite thing?" 2nd most favorite effect coins in hand #3 coins in hand #2 coins in hand #1

Seeing money grow ten times in value usually led into "my most favorite thing" involving 4 silver dollars.

Occasionally a puzzle slipped in to occupy inquisitive minds.

Jesse full lenght Ralph full length
Our focus and intent was to provide visitors with a casual break in the activity, give them an intimate and enjoyable hands-on experience, and have them take home both memories and something created in front of them.

We deliberately avoided overwhelming with conjuring wonders.

All in all, an enjoyable three hours were experienced by all, several hundred roses were made and handed out, appreciative community members were entertained, and the Northwest Ring of Fire's responsibilities were covered.

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